The BEST Jamaican and Chinese dishes are now serving Florida.

You can get Chinese food anywhere, but when it comes to large amounts of authentic, savory, and rich Jamaican and Chinese meals, Tropical Oasis is unparalleled. Now is the time to experience the best, the genuine, and the unbeatable in Florida!

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At the Tropical Oasis, family and friends enjoy having great times together over dinner, sharing good memories along the way. We offer amazingly delicious Jamaican food as well as meticulously crafted tropical dishes in a beautiful and colorful setting. Come see the cuisine and signature dishes we have created in a fun, tropical setting! With this Jamaican-inspired meal, you’ll truly taste the flavor of island life.
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Sunday & Monday Chicken Soup | Tuesday Beef Soup | Wednesday & Saturday Red Pea Soup | Thursday Gungo Pea Soup | Friday Goat Head Soup

Jerk Chicken

With vegetables, plantains, white rice or rice and peas.

Curried Goat

With vegetables, plantains, white rice or rice and peas.

Carribean cuisine with a rich flavor profile is within your reach! Flavors that are bold, fiery, and fresh to satisfy your Carribean fix!

Jamaican Dishes To Transport You To Jamaica

When you think of Jamaica, what comes to mind? The lovely white sand beaches, the turquoise sea, and delicious reggae music, of course! The country’s rich Rastafarian culture, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer. The island is also recognized for serving up some delectable Jamaican cuisine to visitors from all over the world. Read on to learn about some of the top Jamaican dishes that you should eat!

Diet & Nutrition

Five Must Try Jamaican Dishes

Jamaica is a small Caribbean island known for a variety of things. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of lying on Jamaica’s greatest beaches or swimming in the blue sea, but the country’s rich culture has so much more to offer visitors.

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